In the last three (3) years, residential customers of Hudson Water Works used an average of 5,000 gallons per month. If you would like a copy of your average water use for the last three (3) years, please contact our office.

Did you Know?

97% of all of the earth’s water is salt water found in oceans and seas.
1% is available for drinking water and 2% is currently frozen.

Typically, households consume at least 50% of their water by lawn watering.

Daily average water requirement for fresh water in the United States is about 40 Billion gallons a day with another 300 Billion gallons of untreated water for commercial and agriculture use.

About 100 gallons of water is used at home daily.

An average five minute shower can use between 15 to 25 gallons of water.

Washing dishes by hand can use up to 20 gallons but an automatic dishwasher uses approximately 9 to 12 gallons.

The toilet is the biggest user of water, with an average of 27 gallons per person per day.

If just one faucet dripped once each second in every household in America, 928 Million gallons of water would be wasted each day.