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  • Please set my (our) account up to receive my (our) bills via e-mail and not the U S Postal Service. I understand that it may take a couple of billing cycles to transfer over from US Postal Service to my E-mail account. I understand that I am responsible to make my payment by the 15th of every month and that if my e-mail address changes I am to notify Hudson Water Works immediately. Failure to keep information up to date could result in service disconnection or the meter being pulled.
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Hudson Water Works was requested by the Regulatory Authority of our water system to install new water meters. Due to the water audit and the amount of water sold versus water pumped this is necessary. Hudson Water Works will be spending approximately $500,000.00 to replace the meters. We are doing it in house with our employees installing the meters. If we did not install in house this cost would have been an additional $150,000.00. The Board of Directors has authorized an increase to your monthly bill by $2.00 per month to cover this added cost. This change will go into effect on November's billing. If you have any questions please call the office at 727-868-1382.

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